Saturday, 11 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review ♥

Hey beauties! ♥
Today I'm going to be doing a review of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! I know I'm sooo late doing this review, but I really wanted to do it anyway! ♥

The palette retails at £36 and you can buy it here! It is said that the Naked 1 palette is a warm palette, the Naked 2 is a cold palette, and the Naked 3 is a mix of the both! For £36, you get 12 neutral eyeshadows in a variety of finishes (matte, shimmer and micro-glitter). ♥
The packaging is more sturdy than the original Naked palette, the outer packaging is a rectangular tin, with a snap lock top which means it won’t fall open in your make-up bag like the 1st palette did. It also has a humongous mirror, which is just perfect! So overall, Urban Decay did an amazing job at stepping up their packaging with the Naked 2! ♥

The palette also comes with a duo-ended Eye Shadow brush. One end is a general shading brush, and the other is a fairly large and fluffy blending brush! I honestly couldn't live without this brush, it's so useful and just amazing! So yet again, Urban Decay did a fantastic job at upgrading the general shading brush in the original Naked palette to a duo ended Eyeshadow brush in the Naked 2. ♥
Onto the shades! ♥
Foxy: A creamy shade with a matte finish.
Half Baked: A bronze gold with shimmer.
Bootycall: A shimmery bronzey/orange shade.
Chopper: A copper shimmer with silver micro-glitters.
Tease: A creamy pale brown with a matte finish.
Snakebite: A dark bronze shimmery shade with a metallic sheen to it!
Suspect: A taupey but beautiful neautral shade!
Pistol: A Grey/brown shade with a gorgeous shimmer running through it!
Verve: A silvery shimmery lid shade.
YDK: A very easy to wear cool bronze shimmery shade:
Busted: A very deep cool oak brown. Looks gorgeous on the outer V.
Blackout: A very well pigmented matte black.
Overall I love the palette! However I am not allowed Eyeshadow for school, and I have school 5 days a week which means this palette can only get use on weekends, which I'm sometimes to lazy to do anyway! ♥
I'd only recommend this palette if you truly thought you would actually use it, it is a very pricey (but obviously beautiful) palette which has many dupes out there! ♥
Thankyou all for reading! ♥
xo, Georgia

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014 ♥

Hey loves! 
I'm back blogging again! So I decided to kick off 2014 with my resolutions! I don't have too many, mainly because it's so hard for me to keep at them! But I thought I'd talk to you all about the ones I have. 

My first resolution is to be healthier. This is not me saying I am dieting, I just feel like I eat a lot of rubbish and I'm tired of it! Eating unhealthily is back for your body, and skin, and is just not good! So instead of some crisps or something I've been eating apple and grapes etc, and I'm feeling much better about myself! 

My next resolution is to be kinder. I'm not a mean person, but sometimes I feel like I say things that aren't necessary, and I complain, A LOT! Leading a positive life as well as speaking and thinking positively can have a large impact on your life and how you live it. 

My final resolution is to have more self-confidence, living confidently within your own skin can be very challenging. Especially being a teenager, there's so many figures that people expect you be, when in reality, you just really need to be yourself. I find myself comparing myself to others a lot too, which is very bad. I've come to the realization that others cannot love and accept you if you cannot learn to love and accept yourself. Now I am trying to accept my flaws and live life the way it should be lived! 

I'm thinking of writing a blog post on self confidence, what do you guys think? 

 Thankyou all for reading! 
xo, georgia

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Products I've Used Up #1 ♥

Hey beauties! First off I wanted to start with an apology for not finishing the 12 Days Of Blogmas, I have my reasons but all of that can wait! Anyway, this post is going to be a 'Products I've Used Up', these are really popular on YouTube so I thought I'd bring that over to Blogger!

The first product I've used up is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation! I have a whole separate blog post on this foundation, but as a brief overview I can say I really do like this foundation but definitely want to try other foundations before repurchasing this!

The next product is one that I have gone through so many times! It is (of course!) the massively hyped up Rimmel Stay Matte Powder! This is hands down the best powder I have ever tried, it does exactly what it says and keeps you matte! At just a few pounds I will always repurchase this powder and have already gone through 3!

Next I have a few mascaras that I've used up! The first is the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. I do like this mascara, however I don't think it's anything super special and isn't really worth the price. Another Mascara is the ColourTrend Plump Out Mascara! No one seems to have come across the ColourTrend brand, but my friend bought me this a while ago and I really did like it, but it was discontinued.

My final emptie is a Ted Baker Eyeshadow Pigment! I have legit no idea where this is from as it was a gift, but me and my mum both absolutely love this pigment! It's such a gorgeous champagne coloured loose Eyeshadow and its just seriously so beautiful! Id love to repurchase this!

Thank you all for reading and I will definitely do these as often as I have new empties!
xo, Georgia

Monday, 16 December 2013

Bourjois Healthy Mix Review ♥

Hey girlies! So as day 4 of the 12 Days Of Blogmas I thought I'd do a review on an old but very hyped foundation. When it comes to Bourjois you may instantly think of the chocolate bronzer or healthy mix serum.. But today I'm going to talk to you about the normal Healthy Mix Foundation!

The foundation comes in the prettiest packaging! It has a nice red top and looks pretty! It comes with a pump, which I like. But most importantly, 1 pump doesn't give a masses of foundation! The shade I had was 53 'Light Beige'. Which was a really nice summer match, but maybe slightly too dark for the winter.

The consistency of the foundation is runny but on the thick side. It's not as runny as the Rimmel Lasting Perfection Foundation or L'Oreal True Match, so that's good. The coverage is about medium but buildable. I found myself using 1 pump all over my face and 1/2 a pump on any needed areas. Bourjois say "Give your skin a radiance boost and leave it looking flawless for up to 16 hours! Bourjois’ new Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation is enriched with a fruit therapy formula to enhance your complexion.". I don't necessarily agree with the 16 hour last, in fact it struggled to last through 6 hours of school! But that may be down to me having oily skin, so on dryer skin, this may be perfect!

Onto a slightly controversial side, the foundation is said to have a 'fruity' scent. And it does! But sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially the first time you try it! So if you know your one who does NOT like scents, this may not be for you. But definitely go into Superdrug and test it on your hand for the shade and smell, you may not mind it! Also, their shade range isn't massive, I believe they have maybe 8 or 9 shades? Most of them are quite pale, so you may find it difficult to get your shade.

The foundation retails for £9.99, which I find slightly expensive for a drugstore foundation, but if your willing to spend that, definitely go for it!

Thankyou all for reading!
xo, Georgia

Sunday, 15 December 2013

2 Healthy Snacks ♥

Hey beauties! So as day #3 of the 12 Days Of Blogmas, I thought I would run you though 2 of my favourite healthy snacks that are quick and easy to make! All of these are made in glasses/tumblers and are based on yoghurt!

Fruity and Chocolatey!

You will need;
A glass
Yoghurt of your choice
Small chocolate pieces

1) First, you need to scoop the yogurt into the glass until it is full
2) Next, position some grapes on the top of the yoghurt
3) Add some kind of chocolate to the middle!

Creamy and Delicious! ♥

You will need;
A glass
Yoghurt of your choice
Whipped Cream
A couple of Strawberries
1) First, chop up almost all of your strawberries into small parts, but leave 1 or 2 whole
2) Add a layer of yoghurt and then a couple of strawberries
3) Repeat this until it is full to the top
4) Squirt whipped cream all over the top of the yoghurt
5) Add 1 or 2 full strawberries to the top!

VoilĂ ! 2 unbelievably quick and easy healthy snacks! I hope you all enjoyed and found this useful! ♥

Thankyou for reading!
xo, Georgia

Saturday, 14 December 2013

10 Ways To Relax ♥

Yep, I get it. Being a teenager or just a woman in general is hard. In fact its exhausting at times! Trying to relax and stop stressing can be very difficult, so today I'm going to be sharing with you my top 10 tips to just let go!

1) Take a hot bubble bath. By putting some lovely herbal bubble bath in it can really slow down your thoughts and stress! So you can just go, ahh.

2) Eat healthy! I know, a McDonald's sounds about the thing you need right now. But its really fatty! Eating and drinking healthy refreshes and cleans your mind!

3) Get it of your chest. If there's something on your chest that is stopping you from relaxing, resolve it! Or if you can't, talk to someone, a friend, a best friend, whoever! If you don't get it off your chest it will be almost impossible to relax!

 4) Just breathe. I've found myself doing this a lot recently. Stop suffocating yourself in thoughts your creating. Take a few minutes and just breathe in and out slowly, this is the quickest and most effective relaxation tip in my opinion.

5) Have a laugh. Hey, you! Stop being so hard on yourself! Push out the bad and worrying thoughts and watch a comedy movie or some YouTube videos. Pushing the real world to the side for a few hours wont hurt!

6) Light some candles. This may seem random, but like the bubble bath, the scents refresh and slow down your thoughts, so you can relax, be happy and forget about everything!

7) Watch your favourite genre of movies. For me it would be rom-coms, they are the best to distract me and take my mind away from things. For you, you might enjoy action, comedy or even horror! Whatever you know you will enjoy.

8) Do some Yoga or Exercise. I know your probably reading this and thinking, yeah right! But even if its just doing a bit of stretching! It releases your stress and worries..

9) Have a hot drink. Whether it be tea, coffee or hot chocolate! Drinking something warm soothes your mind and relaxes you.

10) Retail Therapy. Yep, shopping. Shopping very very easily distracts you and you can enjoy time with friends or family!

Remember! Your not alone! Almost every teenager out there will be stressed at some stage in their life! Remember you will get through it.

Thank you all for reading
xo, Georgia

Friday, 13 December 2013

Lush 'Santas' Lipscrub Review ♥

Hello loves! Today I'm coming to you with another review! Today, it is of the very popular Lush Lipscrubs!

I visited Lush for the first time a few weeks ago in the Meadow Hall, I was so excited to go in I couldn't even contain myself! Anyway, I was set to buy a 'Bubble-gum' Lipscrub (as they are the most hyped up). But, when I got to the Lipscrubs I felt slightly overwhelmed by the different scents and tastes, because they all just so good! I realised I really didn't like the scent or taste of the Bubble-gum one and decided to go with the 'Santa' one! I will probably get more Lipscrubs in the future, but I really wanted this one with it being limited edition for the Christmas time!

The 'Santa's' Lipscrub is Coca-Cola bottle flavoured.

Lush say "Scrub and Soften with Caster Sugar, Coconut Oil and extracts of Cherries and Dates - For kissable Christmas Lips!". The Lipscrub certainly does leave your lips feeling super soft and ready for any lip product. They get rid of any dead skin or just anything icky on your lips! Also, as the Lipscrubs are mainly made from Caster Sugar, you can simply lick it off once you are done with it, and it tastes so good!

The one thing I find slightly annoying about these is the fact that you can't do this on the go. You can't be out shopping, think your lips are feeling a bit dry and start rubbing this all over the place, it can look a bit strange with all the sugar particles on your lips, but you can certainly just go for it! I can totally say is that it is worth the money, it works and it leaves your lips feeling and looking one hundred times better. It gives you the perfect base for a lip balm or  lipstick. The taste and smell is amazing, they just seem 100% worth the money to me! Another thing I wished to mention is that the ladies at Lush are lovely, they are so sweet and make you feel so comfortable!

These are retailed at £5.50, so if you live near a Lush definitely go give these a look!

Thankyou for reading
xo, Georgia